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  1. New AAEEBL ePortfolio Review has a great article on "A roadmap to digital #ePortfolio proficiency" using badges in Folioz and Coursez which are ClassCloud sites!
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  2. Badges can slot into a variety of environments and be used in a myriad of ways, and so are the chameleon of the credentialing world. Or maybe they’re the cuttlefish of the credentialing world: able to assume various conceptual shapes and sizes according to their context. Either way, chameleon or cuttlefish, they are unique. For some people this wide ranging flexibility—to grow to the size of a degree and shrink to the size of an essential component—is a feature and for others, it’s a bug. Again, because nothing else has the capacity to be as flexible as this in the current credentialing world.
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  3. You can’t have a conversation about the future of public education these days without some mention of digital learning. And when you talk about digital learning, the discussion often turns to badging.

    The concept is simple: individuals earn badges for demonstrating the acquisition of key knowledge and skills. Think Girl Scouts. When you marry the concept of badging with technology, you get digital badges that allow a person’s portfolio of badges to be stored in one place and provide a record of subject or skill mastery. This could have a significant impact on awarding credentials or certificates to students, and perhaps even creating an implementation framework for competency-based learning.
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  4. As I continue to follow the debates and developments around open badges, the most disappointing element for me has been that we have yet to see significant traction around digital badges as means of democratizing credentials. That is about to change. It is only matter of time before the right people connect open badges with the spirit of a century-old concept known as the study circle (and many modern day derivatives). When this happens, I believe that we will see a true learning revolution.
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  5. What do we associate with “eportfolio”? Deep learning, engaged learning, integrative learning, reflective thinking, metacognition and other cognitive attributes. But also we associate “eportfolio” with identity and personal development. Personal development can apply to learning while enrolled in a program of formal study, or it can apply to personal development in a career.
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  6. In online spaces this means that individuals consider elements of multimodal information (images, video, audio, and text), markers of credibility and relevance, other websites or information found online…along with prior knowledge about the author or institution to determine “value” and “authority” in what they’re reading, using, or learning. In the world of digital badges I believe these considerations of value and cognitive authority are hugely important. There is still a certain amount of reticence, skepticism, and confusion involved as individuals consider and cognitively “grasp” digital badging systems.
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